The Worlds Greatest Missing Watches

Anyone who has ever had a Smartphone or other similarly costly gadget disappears into thin air can relate to the pain felt by the numerous owners of expensive watches that seemingly dropped into a black hole and were never seen or heard of again. A few have resurfaced after decades of searching and considerable monetary resources and manpower have been spent. However, for the most part, the timepieces mentioned below have by, and largely dropped off the face off the earth and the mystery of their disappearance continues to puzzle both crime experts and amateur detectives the world over. From Breitling styles to a Breguet 2639, famous timepieces have vanished.

1. History’s first wristwatch

Reine de NaplesIn 1810, the Queen of Naples commissioned what would turn out to be the world’s first wristwatch, the Breguet 2639, from the famous watch and clock maker Breguet. The watch took over a year to design and produce and was presented to the Queen in December of 1811 with a staggering bill of 4800 francs. 40 years later, the Countess Rasponi, who had inherited the watch from her mother, brought it to Breguet to have the winding time setting keys changed. A recording in the watchmaker’s books describing the watch as having a having a guilloche worked a case and cracked gold ring provides the last description about this famous specimen, which has not been seen for over two centuries now.

2. Buzz Aldrin’s moon watch

Considering that most people spend all their lives in the same town or country where they were born, the fact that a gadget that Buzz Aldrin moon watchhas traveled over 200,000 miles into outer space exists is something to wonder at. The gadget in question is Buzz Aldrin’s Omega Speedmaster. This watch, which has the honor of being the first human-made timepiece on the moon, was selected via extreme competitive bidding among famous brand names and won because tests showed that it met all the requirements for space travel. Unfortunately, not much else is known about this particular timepiece, since it went missing soon after the Apollo 11 mission.

3. John Lennon’s Patek Philippe 2499

Yoko Ono is thought to have presented the uber expensive, yellow gold Patek Philippe perpetual calendar JL Patekchronograph 2499/100 with sapphire crystals to John Lennon on the advent of his 40th birthday. This particular model is among the most popular collectibles, and the last one in the range was sold in 1987. No one has seen this watch since John Lennon was first pictured wearing it on his birthday, and the mystery of its location remains unsolved today.

Whether these famous timepieces got sucked into some invisible black hole, were stolen by some very fashion and tech savvy thieves or are lying in a crow’s nest somewhere remains to be seen. Fortunately, there are several wonderful models left for the rest of us to enjoy including several Breitling styles to make you look good without breaking the bank.

Why Companies Are Pushing For Employee Background Checks

woker throws computer at co-worker

Healthcare staffing agencies and recruitment outlets face anxieties when it comes to matters concerning employee recruitment. Concerning the sensitive nature of a health care facility, their duties exceed the normal face value of future employees.  The phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” is often taken seriously leading to stringent background checks and testing.

Staffing agencies act as a sieve through which employees go through to get a particular position in a facility or institution. Their screening goes beyond just looking at potential employees’ credentials but also involves checking their employment background, their achievements as well as uncovering any misdeeds.

The benefits that come with the screening include;

Reduced Negligence Claims

In the unfortunate event of an employee harming a fellow employee at the work place, claims arise, and the healthcare staffing agency is accused of careless hiring. This can be avoided by properly checking the backgrounds of the people a company offers up to be employed.

Ensures Quality Hire

People seeking employment are not always sincere in their resumes. It is superimposed upon a healthcare staffing agency to do some digging to gain accuracy that is not visible by looking at a candidate. Most misdeeds in healthcare facilities are perpetuated by people whose resumes where falsified. Employee screening before hiring reduces such incidences.

Improves Regulatory Compliance

A company that meets the industry’s standards of operation builds confidence among its clients. By being compliant, costly fines emanating from legal damages are avoided. Job placement agencies ensure employee eligibility through the verification of information and background checks.

Prevents Fraud and Protects Current Employees

Theft and fraud committed by employees are kept on the minimal. Employees with a history of stealing both property and money from their places of work are kept at bay. This ensures that organizations do not suffer unnecessary losses due to hiring employees with poor work ethics. Also, proper screening keeps people safe from workplace violence.

Controls Loss of Clients and Keeps the Reputation of An Organization Intact

A proper healthcare staffing agency guarantees the smooth running of operations. It becomes easy to gain and retain clients if they are assured of getting quality services from qualified employees. An environment that builds a clients confidence is a sure way of implementing a robust healthcare since most facilities have a reputation that is preceded by their names. No one wants to go to a place associated with any form of unprofessionalism.

Missing Kids Linked To Juvenile Crime?

A missing child is a child who has vanished and whose status as alive or dead can’t be affirmed as his or her area and destiny are not known. A child may disappear for a few different reasons: local misuse, grabbing, kidnapping, joining a clique, homicide or suicide in a remote area or under new name sexual subjugation and to keep away from revelation of a crime or fear by law implementing powers subsequent to perpetrating a juvenile crime. Often times, children go missing due to crimes they have committed themselves. This article is meant to help adults understand the most common types of juvenile crimes and how to deal with them.

Here is a list of a few juvenile crimes that are committed, which are normally juvenile wrongdoing crimes.

  • Vandalism and graffiti charges
  • Shoplifting and other insignifican robbery accusations
  • Basic ambush (particularly because of battling occurrences)vandalism
  • Underage drinking infringement
  • Joyriding a car
  • Trespassing
  • Thievery and Larsen
  • DUI and drug offense
  • Understanding the Types of Juvenile Crimes
  • Status Offenses: These are infringement dedicated by high schoolers because of their age. At the point when conferred by a minor, these infringement are considered status offenses, yet if a grown-up submits such acts, it will even now be legitimate. Infringement that fall under this class include:
  • Truancy
  • Fleeing from home
  • Underage drinking

Young ladies are more prone to be captured for status offenses however young men constitute a higher rate of underage drinking captures.

  • Property Crimes: The crimes under this classification incorporate thievery, burglary, fire related crime, and theft. These crimes are more probable carried out by juveniles less than eighteen years old, however young men make up 60% of the aggregate captures.
  • Vicious Crimes: Murder, assault, threatening behavior, and theft all fall under this classification. Young men make up 80% of the aggregate captures for fierce crimes and the vast majority of them are less than 18 years old.

Numerous juvenile crimes likewise include first-time offenses. While most juvenile cases include offenses, there are likewise numerous juvenile lawful offenses documented consistently for more gungenuine crimes, for example, murder and excellent robbery.

For the most part, juvenile guilty parties are male, between the ages of 15 and 17. In the course of recent years, there has been an increment in the quantity of juvenile crimes carried out consistently. The most perplexing reality about all these is that juveniles are perpetrating crimes, as well as turning into the casualty of a wrongdoing.

Are Juvenile Crimes Punished in the Same Way as Adult Crimes?

The juvenile equity framework for the most part intends to restore juvenile guilty parties as opposed to rebuff them. Along these lines, it is common for juvenile crimes to be helped utilizing option sentencing alternatives as opposed to prison time. These may incorporate group administration work, instructive and restoration courses, and installment of criminal fines.

Then again, a juvenile guilty party might some of the time be attempted as a grown-up. This is saved for more genuine crimes and offenses wherein the juvenile litigant settled on choices in the same route as a grown-up.

Alternative Sentencing Options Available for Juvenile Crimes?

As specified, juvenile crimes have a tendency to be rebuffed more tolerantly than grown-up crimes. Other than the choices recorded above, option sentencing alternatives for juvenile crimes can youth_being_arrestedlikewise include required advising sessions as wells as different parole and probation programs. Some juvenile guilty parties may be permitted an early discharge if they show great conduct.

For straightforward charges, for example, vandalism or trespassing, the judge might basically arrange the juvenile litigant to pay a little fine and compose an expression of remorse letter to the property proprietor.

Do I require a Lawyer for Assistance with Juvenile Crime Issues?

Juvenile crimes are a particular region of criminal law. The help of a qualified criminal lawyer may be required when managing juvenile wrongdoing issues. You may wish to contract a lawyer if you or a friend or family member of yours needs any legitimate counsel, direction, and representation amid a juvenile trial in law court

parents and guardians of minors, who are captured for juvenile crimes, can post safeguard to get them out of jail briefly while sitting tight for their trial. Moreover, it is prudent for the suspects to have a qualified lawyer to help ensure the juvenile’s rights and hobbies all through the criminal case

The Internet To The Rescue

It is a common belief these days that digital scrapbooking can be a good method to find out about missing people, as it hasn’t been used before the breakthrough of social media and the worldwide connection of the internet. But for those who are dummies in that field, what is scrapbooking? As referred in Wikipedia, scrapbooking is the way to preserve the most valuable and important personal moments and the family history of a person and all these closed and preserved in a nice scrapbook. There is a tendency these days about that and if you are artsy and a little bit talented you can create small miracles with your hands. You can typically include memorabilia like photographs, artwork and printed media. Scrapbook albums are usually decorated and contain extensive journaling and photos.

Digital scrapbooking is the development and the way that scrapbooks keep up to modern lifestyle. With the progress of technology and the HD pictures and scanners, the editing and layout programs as well as the great variety of printing, it is somehow easy to create some layouts that look professional in digital form and self-publish your work online. Moreover, the digital scrapbooking is not just limited to digital storage and display as there are layouts that can be stored in scrapbook albums or professionally print your work in hard “books”.

Digital scrapbooks can also be useful in finding people that are missing. An online scrapbook page is an online one – page album and memorabilia of someone or some people we love, digital scrapbookingof our family or our friends. If somebody is missing, a reminder like that is the best way to show to people who was the person that has gone missing. In that way you can show the person not as a picture, nor like a single and simple photo with some details, but the person like a person. You can touch the sensitivity of people who use the internet and let more and more people know about the person who is missing.

You can also have great advantages from the options that a digital advertisement gives you in designing and materials. If you want, you can make a scrapbook page with any kind of graphics or material you want, as well as add text and information that are essential to find the person missing. You can create some advertisements in bold colors and contrasting patterns and letters, plus add as many images as you want. In that way, it can be used in any possible direction: through the internet, by sharing it online to friends, social media sites, as well as printed in the town center in basic and important positions. You can make a great advertisement that catches the attention and the person missing has more chances to be found soon and alive, rather than later…

That’s how a huge number of individuals will be aware and informed for the characteristics, the personal data/information, etc of the person missing, increasing the chances to be found easily.